DCS Guidelines/Info for Fall 2021 Term:

 1.    Masks: New, disposable, or freshly laundered masks to be worn by all singers

2.    Section leaders will ensure members are 6 feet apart *Please be flexible – you may have to move!!”

3.    Sanitize your hands

4.    Full Covid vaccines are required if eligible, with exceptions for medical reasons (in which case contact Alana, DCS President at president@deltachoral.ca)

5.    Continue to follow Dr Bonnie and Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe

 We are optimistic that these plans will be possible but as we have learned over the past year and a half, things can change in an instant.  If and when we have any updated information we will get it to you as soon as possible.  


 When and where will we sing?

·         Rehearsals: Benediction Lutheran Church

o   Mondays: Children’s Choir: 5:15-6pm  Community Choir:   6:30-8:30

o   Thursdays:  Youth Choir: 5:30-7pm    Chamber Choir: 7:30-9pm

             ** We will start the term off with both the Children and Youth together on Monday Sept 13.  If there are enough kids to split them into two groups then Youth will move to Thursdays for the term.  If there are not enough kids we will have a combined Children/Youth choir


 ·         Christmas Concert(s): South Delta Baptist –  Saturday December 4 (to be confirmed soon)


 Other info for returning members:

1.    Dues remain $100 per term for adult choirs and $60 for youth and children

2.    Costumes are now something you own!  New members will be responsible for purchasing a new costume.  If we have available costumes, they will be “gifted” to new members. 

3.    Please bring back any music you have from the last time we were together

 Thank you to everyone who continued to support the choir in whatever way you were able.  We can’t wait to see you and more importantly sing with you again. 

 For more information on becoming a member, please go to the JOIN tab on this site.

 With our gratitude,

 The DCS Board

Alana, Nancy, Terry, Megan, Marilynn, Ingrid, Tom and Ron


The Delta Choral Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the love of music throughout the local community. The Society is well known within the Delta community for its vibrant vocal sound, broad repertoire, and dynamic performances featuring four diverse choirs: The Delta Community Choir, Delta Chamber Choir, Delta Youth Choir and Delta Children’s Choir.

For Adults, the Delta Community Choir is the society’s larger concert choir, which all adult community members are welcome to join. The Delta Chamber Choir is the society’s smaller, auditioned chamber choir.

For Children and Youths, the Delta Children’s Choir is for any child from Grades 1 to 7 that likes music and wants to sing. The Delta Youth Choir is for anyone from Grade 8 to Grade 12 interested to expand their knowledge of music and love of singing.

Information about joining Delta Choral Society

The choirs perform an impressive variety of music. Genres range from jazz to classical, and accompaniment ranges from a cappella to orchestra. The performances provide an incredible musical experience for guests, and concerts often leave audiences laughing, crying, or simply listening in awe.

Delta Choral Society has two semesters per year. The choirs’ fall semester runs from September to December, and the spring semester runs from January to May. New members are welcome to join at the beginning of each semester.

The Delta Community Choir and Delta Children’s Choir rehearse every Monday evening at the Benediction Lutheran Church in Tsawwassen. Please note; the Delta Choral Society is a non-denominational choir and is not affiliated with the Benediction Lutheran Church.

The Delta Chamber Choir and Delta Youth Choir rehearse every Thursday evening at the Benediction Lutheran Church.

The Delta Choral Society is a member of the BC Choral Federation.

For more information, please email us at: info@deltachoral.ca.