Join as a New Member

The Delta Choral Society is always looking for new members to join its award-winning choirs, the Delta Community Choir, Delta Children’s Choir, Delta Youth Choir and Delta Chamber Choir. Choir terms run September through December, and January through May/June.

Registration (all at the Benediction Lutheran Church in Tsawwassen)
To save a little time, dues for the term can be paid in advance of registration night:
DCC Sept 12 – 7:00
*Voice placements will be done for new members or if you are interested in changing sections.
Chamber Sept 8 at 6:00pm
*Auditions will be done for all members.
Children/Youth Sept 12 at 5:00pm
After registration you will be given a ticket to pick up your music. Music will not be provided until you have registered, paid dues, had vaccines checked and filled out a Covid Waiver.  (If you have filled these out before you will not need to do it a second time).  
If you are a returning member and have not returned your music please bring it on registration night.