Delta Chamber Choir

Delta Chamber Choir is always looking for new members to join

Formerly known as Tapestry, the Delta Chamber Choir is a group of not more than 20 individuals. The Delta Chamber Choir offers a completely different experience than the larger Delta Community Choir for both choir and audience members. The dynamics of a small ensemble are significantly different than those of a large group and with a focus on a cappella music, the Chamber Choir offers listeners an intimate yet rich vocal experience.

Tapestry was first established in January 2008 as a choir for young adults and has since evolved into a fully auditioned choir for adults of all ages.

Membership Criteria

The Delta Chamber Choir welcomes all singers 18 years and older to audition. Members joining the choir will be auditioned in September and January.

The Delta Chamber Choir has no more than 20 members per term.

Members must be able to:

  • Take leadership from both the Musical Director and Accompanist
  • Memorize their words and music
  • Participate in rehearsals without disrupting others
  • Hold pitch when singing
  • Perform an audition with the Musical Director


Individuals joining the choir must commit to:

  • Attend all scheduled rehearsals. Members must inform their choir representatives promptly and with advance notice of any planned absence. The representatives for the Delta Community Choir and the Delta Chamber Choir are the Section Leaders.
  • Society members who will miss more than two rehearsals in a term must receive pre-approval from the Musical Director. Members who miss more than two rehearsals without pre-approval may be required to withdraw from the Society for the term, at the discretion of the Musical Director.
  • Society members are required to attend the technical rehearsal and both concerts, each term. Members who are not able to attend the technical rehearsal and both concerts will be required to withdraw from the Society for the term.
  • The Delta Chamber Choir holds regular weekly section meetings. These meetings take place at the discretion of the Section Leader, and attendance is strongly recommended.

Rehearsal Schedule

The Chamber Choir rehearses every Thursday night at 7:30 pm until 9:00 pm.

The rehearsals are held at the Benediction Lutheran Church at 5575 6ave Delta BC V4M 1M2.


Member fees are $100 per term, plus the cost of your costume.

To register for the Delta Chamber Choir, please bring the completed Delta Choral Society – Adult Choir Enrollment Form Sept 2018 and a cheque or cash for $100 per person.

Refunds will be allowed up to the start of the second rehearsal.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@deltachoral.ca.